Avenfold is a world of heavy magic use but technology is starting to make a large appearance. The Tyrovian Empire has ruled over Avenfold for the last 70 years. Ildaric Tyrov, the Emperor has become senile in his old age which has prompted his son Elric to use the empire as his playground.

The Land of Avenfold

-Moagin Desert
A. Ruined City of Dustorm
b. Pyramid of Galtar

-The Tavac Coast
A. Port Town of Jutera
b. Caves of the Bloodclaw Clan
c. Pirates Hideout

-The Tavac Sea
a. Glass Ship Islands (archipelago!)
b. The Dragon Isles

-The Lost Woods
a. The Elven Village of Daku
b. Jaaram, Town of the Assassins and Thieves

-The Balskar Plains
a. The Hygel Tree
b. The Verum Trading Town

Rebellion of the Tyrovia Empire