Rebellion of the Tyrovia Empire

Liberation of the Prison!

Last night the adventurers, Strider (Skylar), Galandel (Mackenzie), and Ragnar (Chris) succeeded in the liberation of the wizards of the Augorn Prison.

Before the prison though, they traversed their way through the heavily trapped maze of the Galtar Pyramid! Overcoming all of the traps rewarded them with two Tomes of Understanding (P. 268 DMG) each. The ancient makers of the Pyramid knew whoever could make it past all of the pyramid’s traps deserved a reward greater than wealth.

From the pyramid the party met up with Hobart Nightring, second in command in the rebellion. He told them that if they were going to fix Strider’s airship they were going to need the original ten wizards who performed the enchanting ritual. Rebellion intelligence lead them to find that the wizards were being held captive within the Augorn Prison, the once Dwarven kingdom of Sunforge. Hobart told the party of a secret passage into the prison, disclosed to him by his mother who was a native to Sunforge. Hobart gave the party a medallion and told them this riddle, “Pay the Beggars Hand, Grace the Presence of the Forge”

While the Party would be sneaking through the prison, Hobart and a small force of soldiers would be attacking the front gates.

With this information the party set about on their quest. Reaching the area where the passage was said to be they found a rock formation that looked like a begging hand. After extensive searching the party discovered a small indentation where the medallion would fit; and fit it did!

Gaining entry was yet the easy part. Killing two guards and donning their armor the party guised itself and two guards escorting a prisoner amidst the chaos. While doing this they managed to release the ten wizards, as well as the former king of Sunforge and his court, and recruit the Warden of Augorn who had been betrayed by the Tyrovian Empire!

After the success at the prison the party went on its way back to the Ruins of Dust Storm. As soon as they stepped outside of the gates they were greeted by a figure in black riding a black dragon. The figure said to them, “You think your victory here is something of importance? The Empire will never fall!!” Then, the dragon showered the party with acid, instantly killing them.

The party awoke laying in the middle of an orchard. Quite confused at what had happened the world in which the awoke confused them even more! Little did they know they had awoken in the Twin Paradises of Bytopia (P. 164 DMG) within Mottlegrasp’s Orchard!

The Gnome wizard took the party over too his desk and asked them their names. Upon hearing them Mottlegrasp became very confused. He told the party that they were not yet supposed to be there yet. This statement completely dumbfounded the party. Mottlegrasp told the party that he would go and find someone to send them back to the material plane and that it would take him a week.

While he was gone the party was asked to guard the orchard from intrusions. For three days the party guarded in peace, finding time to read their Tomes of Understanding. But on the fourth day a group of Satyrs attempted to steal the fruit of the orchard, but such a small threat was easily dealt with. Upon the seventh day Mottlegrasp returned with the news that he had found a deity who would be available to send them back, but they would have to wait another weeks time.

For guarding the orchard Mottlegrasp rewarded the party with two pieces of fruit a piece. The Fruit boosts the ability scores of the characters!

The week went by peacefully allowing them time to read the second book. Then on the seventh day Kord, the deity of Ragnar, appeared to send them back. He brought them all gifts to help on their journey.

Thus we ended the game and the characters leveled up to level 9, and I’m tired of typing so yeah. END!

Pyramid of Galtar

The party is currently in the Pyramid of Galtar searching for the power of the desert. After battling many mummies, and evading multiple traps the party uncovered a secret passage to which they have not yet explored.

Augorn Prison-Liberation!

Tonight the Party will be visiting the depths of the Augorn Prison. The mountain prison was once the home of the dwarves in the city of Sunforge. The party is going to the prison to liberate the wizards who enchanted the flight orbs used in the flying ships.


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