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The Tyrovia Empire has ruled the land of Avenfold for 70 years. The times have not been peaceful. Emperor Ildaric Tyrov has rule the land with a fist of cold steel. His sons Elric and Galdan are rumored to use the empires’ armies as their own personal play things. War has been waged on the surrounding territories expanding the empire’s reign.

There have been some who have rebelled, many of the soldiers in the army. One of the prominent leaders of the rebellion is Vostro Cortel. Vostro was the captain of Elric Tyrov’s personal guard. Elric had ordered him to kill a blind man for not bowing when Elric walked past him. Vostro refused, and later fled in fear for his life. A few of the men Vostro served with left as well.

That was ten years ago. Vostro’s rebel forces have grown immensely, but still not enough to face the Empire. Recently Ildaric has grown very sick, and the mages and clerics say that he is close to death. Now it is a power struggle between his two sons.

Vostro had decided that now was the time when the rebellion would strike, and then he was approached by someone he had not expected, Galdan Tyrov. Galdan told Vostro that he was tired of how his brother and father ran the Empire, believing it to be extremely flawed.

Vostro told no one except his second in command about the meeting with Galdan. Vostro is now waiting for information from Galdan about his brother’s next move.

Vostro knows that the main force of the empire is divided between the navy and the army. Vostro is planning on taking control of the Navy. The navy is commanded out of the port city of Jutera. What Vostro doesn’t know is about the Imperial Navy’s newest ships.

Mackenzie- Galandel
Daku village
Just left the town
600 people in the town
Forest town, not well known
A fairly peaceful village

Skylar- Strider Duststorm
Has an air-ship.
He made a deal with a gnome about the airship.
Gnome betrayed him and took the ship.

Elric is a 10th level Warmage and 3rd level Mage Killer (Magic of Faerun p.32)

Galdan is a 7th level Fighter and a 6th level Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom (sword and fist p. 25)

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